In 2013 NSW Sport and Recreation formed a partnership with The Pathways Foundation, who have been running the “YoungStars” programs since 2006. Due to it’s success, NSW Sport and Recreation will now be facilitating the program through a number of their Centres. For more information or to book call 13 13 02 or visit the Sports and Recreation website>

To see what fun a “YoungStars” camp can be have a look at this video YoungStars video>

Our “YoungStars” camp is the perfect father – son weekend for primary school boys aged seven and up. This adventure filled camp gives dads the space to connect and bond with their sons while taking part in lots of fun activities away from the demands of modern life and technology.

This weekend will help build confidence and resilience in young boys while giving dads the chance to share their experience of raising sons with other dads.

Testimonials: “My son and his grandfather have just returned home … Nathaniel was filthy, smelly, exhausted and HAPPY!. My dad on the other hand, had a tear in his eye … He was moved by the whole experience and impressed that he and my grandson were not made to feel like the odd ones out (not being father and son)… With so many thanks” Kelli G.

“The biggest thing for me was it was really just a great chance to have a weekend one on one with my son—to focus on him. I have been to a couple of other father-child camps through school, and at those, the children tend to play and the fathers tend to socialise, so it’s not necessarily a father-son weekend. This one we were focused on our sons and the activities were structured to be father and son together.” (Michael, Father).

“The great thing about the YoungStars program is it’s prevention, not cure….The whole weekend has produced this common bond, this common experience which I’m sure we’ll talk about often and reflect upon.” (James, Father).